5 Minute Sculpin

A quick and effective Sculpin pattern that works all year round.

The Sculpin is found on the danish coastline, varying in sizes from 2 cm. to 15 cm.  This pattern is 7 cm long, combining the look of different species of the sculpin. Seatrouts loves sculpins, and the are often found as a primary food source for seatrouts. Personally my flybox always holds a couple of sculpin patterns, this one seems to work just fine.

Materials used:

Hook: Tiemco 777 sp

Butt: red ice dub

Body: Ice dub copper, Hends long chenille

Head: Futurefly dumbell eyes red.



10/3-13. Dennis called me tonight, telling me that he made a fly wih hends chenille and named it the 5 minute fly. I am always very thorough in crediting flytyers if they have made a fly that has given me inspiration and i have tied something simmilar, in this case i wasent aware of Dennis fly, i simply called mine 5 minute sculpine due to the fact that the video is 5 minutes long, im sorry for any misunderstanding. Dennis is a good friend of mine and i would never try to steal any pattern from him.


2 svar til 5 Minute Sculpin

  1. mik says:

    Fin flue :-)
    hvor køber du det chenille?

  2. admin says:

    Hi Mik.

    You can get it on the internet, Google Hends long chenille or you can buy it at Jagtogfiskerimagasinet in copenhagen.


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