FlyFishFederation Workshop 10 february.

Last sunday Kern and John was invited to Jutland, for showing off some of their great shrimp flies at the FlyFisherFederationDenmark workshop. Getiing out of bed at 0430 in the morning is not something that is normal day business for these two gentlemen. So after consuming large amounts of coffe and danish pastry Kern and John arrived at FFFD 10 am. Meeting a room full of excited students ready to tie.

tlf 2 003

Kern started by tying one of his famous shrimps with legs and the whole nine yards, all off the students where very interested paying full attention while Kern was tying. While  whipfinishing the fly, Kern announced, Ok we are going to tie 10 of these each before leaving here today, well they did not reach 10 flies each, but a fair amount was finished.

tlf 2 019


There is not a large amount of different materials  used in the shrimp fly that kern ties, but there is a lot of shrimplegs to control. But it was easy to see that after the students finished the first fly, they gained much more control over the legs and proportions in tying shrimp flies. It was a pleasure to teach such fast learning students, and in return Kern and John could give all the tips and tricks that were needed to control the many shrimplegs.

tlf 2 007

tlf 2 012


Both Kern and John would like to thank FFFD Aarhus for a great day and a special thanks to Mr. Bjarne Laursen for inviting.


John Mortensen

Text: AO.

2 svar til FlyFishFederation Workshop 10 february.

  1. Bjarne Laursen says:

    Takker for de rosende ord :D det var en kanon dag… håber den kan gentage sig på et tidspunkt…

    • John Mortensen says:

      Både Kern og undertegnede er friske.når det gælder fluebinding. Så vi er frisk på en gentagelse.

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