Fly casting conditions

I am not a good flycaster, in every cast I try to get longer than I ever have before, as a result of that, I often have knots on my leader that are not supposed to be, at other times I just have bad casting days. I guess I should practice more instead of fishing, but then again, then I wouldn’t have the time to go fishing as much.

I have more than once been out fishing with friends that are awesome casters and caught nothing, while they were having the time of their life, simply because I couldn’t cast long enough or cast at all because of wind from a wrong direction, wind changing direction all the time or no room behind me. Only once, I have tried that my bad casting helped me catch fish, Allan Overgaard and I were fishing this “bathtub” from land when I did a good cast my fly landed exactly where the fish were rising all the time, Allan’s casts went a bit too long and the shootinghead spooked the fish. As soon as he realized what was happening and started doing shorter casts, he started catching fish too.

This is just some random footage of fishing in different conditions, some worse than others. The only fish in the video is one that Nicolai Eriksen caught on a late afternoon together with nine or ten other fish. I caught nothing, lost one I think. I couldn’t reach them, Nikolai could. Both Nikolai and Allan are amazing flycasters and hopefully I will become a better caster from fishing with guys like them, and they are ok flyfishers as well.

I need to go practice casting over my left shoulder, tighter loops so that wind wont matter as much or if I happen to gain supernatural left hand control, practice left hand casting.

I will practice my cast maybe, or just go fishing.


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  1. Time spend fishing, where fish can’t be reached because of poor skills, is time better spend practicing ;-)


  2. Frederik L says:

    True Lasse, thing is, you can never reach the fish on a lawn, casting short casts for fish further out, there is still a chance that they come closer :)

    I know I should practice, but i really just rather want to do it in water.

  3. Tom says:

    Training on grass or in the gym, with the flyrod is grate, but

    When I am out there in the windy conditions, I always think, next time i am better off and Well prepared.

    Rather take the opportunity and have a nice time by the shore, turning my back to the rest of the World, looking for the next grate adventure :-)

    I love these behind The flyfishing stories, thank you

    Tom L

  4. Henrik Haupt says:

    Still Frederic makes the Best videoes on the internet. And we allredy made an agreement on focusing on improving casting perforforfance, and we will dó it on water.
    Henrik Haupt

  5. Frederik Lorentzen says:

    And then we will practise Henriks spelling at the same time:)

  6. Hi Fredrik

    Yup, you don’t catch anything on the lawn, and there’s a good chance short messy casts on the water keeps the fish away, just like the apple aday and the doctor ;-)

    Honestly, please remain crap casters, the fish love you for it 8-)


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