Fly on demand Cuthroat Sculpin


The fly Cuthroat Sculpin is invented by Danish flytyer Rasmus Ovesen.

Rasmus tied the fly almost 10 years ago, he was quite fond af palmerhackled flies for fishing searuns on the danish coastline.

The idea was that Rasmus would make a fly that was streamlined in the water and not as much like a “bottlebrush”  The materials used on the fly are the perfect mix of colours to match the Sculpin living in and around the fiords of Denmark.

As a triggerpoint the fly got a bright red head in front of the coq de leon hackle, hence the name cuthroat.

When you tie this fly it is very important to be EXTRA rough with the dubbingbrush, actually some of the hackle feathers should be roughened so hard that some of them will break. This will soften all the hackle feathers.Now wet the fly with moist from your mouth and put down the Grizzly and CDL hackle. Let the fly dry and now you will have the perfect Cutthroat Sculpin. Rasmus likes to fish this fly in a open loop, like the perfection loop, this will give the fly a slighly jiggy retreive in the water.

The reason why this fly seem to work so well? Rasmus is quite sure that it is because the fly combines certain qualities, it is pulsating in water, nice balanced in the water colnum, good looking shine, and at the same time transparent, and last a discrete triggerpoint in form of the red head.


Hook: Cs52

Tail: Natural fox underfur

Body: Futurefly redfox and natural fox mixed 1:1

Rib: copper wire

Hackle 1: Grizzly rooster

Hackle 2: Qoc de leon

Head: red ice dub



4 svar til Fly on demand Cuthroat Sculpin

  1. Stefan Skovbo says:

    What a nice fly! It reminds me of an old article in the magazine “Fisk & Fri”, where you could read about the summer-nights fishing in knee-deep waters on the coast of denmark, after de seatrout. I believe this fly was mentioned for that kind of fishing under the name SWC cutling, only with a underbody of foam, to be able to fish the shallows! Great read though Allan, keep it up ;-) ! love the tying videos!

  2. Peter says:

    Very nice fly – great video :)

  3. Bo Svarre says:

    Thanks Allan, I had forgotten all about Rasmus fly! Now I’m tying a few for Svend Hansen, I’m sure they will be a hit at his new ‘huntinggrounds’ :o )

  4. admin says:

    Hi Bo.
    Your welcome.

    If you have a specific pattern you would like a Step by Step or video of let us know.


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