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A couple of months ago i enlisted for a flytying course during the weekend of 22-24 of February. The FlyFisherFederation Denmark was host for this event. I joined the course where Mr. Jens Lund Adamsen (Adam from now on)would be our teacher. As a little teaser, Adam had promised that he would instruct us in some of the flies that he thought was the most successful flies in his box. FFFD had arranged overnight stay in Kolding, the same place as the Danish flyfestival is held the 22-24 of march. if you would like to know more about this, visit The symposium was divided in to three groups. one with Adam and prementioned flies. One with Niels Verner Pedersen tying salmon flies on singles, tubes, doubles, treebles, etc, etc. And finally one with Tommy Kærgaard tying full dressed salmonflies.

With fullpension included during the weekend, and guys bringing singlemalt to suit a king or two, the chance for a super weekend was within grasp.

We started of with a Lawson. A Frödin pattern that already has proven to catch seatrouts but also atlantic salmon. The particular fly below is tied on a size 10 double hook. and im already thinking of making some of these with single hook, im sure a Canadian Steelhead will fancy it to when the water is clear.


Next fly that we tied was a flamethrower a fly that looks much like Allys Cascade, but this one originally tied by Duncan Egan. A fly that im sure all the kola traveling boys should consider together with the Cascade. A little feature on this one is the Pearl head that finishes off with the red thread, gives the fly a very interesting look.


During all our tying we had time to share at least a couple of stories about big fish that was lost during hazardous fights in horrible weather and conditions worse than an atomic winter. The danish author and flyfisherman Svend Saabye once wrote “Evigt ejes, alt det mistede” translated into english it means that you will forever own what you have lost, i guess he was talking about that particular fish that we all had on, but lost during the fight, that fish that will haunt us for the rest of our lives, if just we could have had a glimpse of that silvery side instead of the long hard pull and never even seeing the fish.

Well of we went, and tied number three. This pattern is developed by Adam himself, Adam likes to talk while he ties flies telling stories about the different patterns, making it a fly to believe in and a fly that you actually would tie on your leader. Inspired by salmon shrimps and irish grub flies, the firetail was made, and if im remember it correctly, it gave Adam a nice fish in river Mörrum a couple of years ago.


Number 4 is a well known fly, its a Green Highlander. One this one we chanced Adam with mr. Bjarne Laursen, Bjarne is in the proceedings to become a certified FFF Flytying instructor, we tied this one on a size 8 single hook as a low water fly. originator for The Green Highlander is Major Grant. Bjarne did a very nice job guiding us through Grants old pattern and the result is shown below.


Adam was back again for fly number 5, Silver Doctor originated by james Wright in the late 1800 we tied thos one on a size 10 double hook and with a hairwing from artic fox.


Number six and seven was flies in popsickle style named Halloween and canary supposedly by eastern canada guide Mike Crossby. The flies is with the typical marabou hackled making it very lively flies when in the water, i recon that this pattern could be next big thng fishing for early season premiere salmon in danish western streams.




It was a really nice and great weekend for me meeting a lot of new guys (and one girl) sharing the same interest in flytying and being passionate about it, the whole arrangement was indeed well prepared and im definitely coming back again next time there is a tying symposium held within the FFFD.

/Allan Overgaard




2 svar til Flytying symposium

  1. Hej Allan

    Flotte fluer!!

    Kan godt være at Svend Saabye har sagt det, men det mest Henrik Ibsen der er kædes sammen med citatet: “Evigt ejes kun det tabte” :-)


    • admin says:

      Hej lasse.
      Tak for information.
      Jeg var ikke klar over at ibsen var ophavsmanden, mener dog at have læst det i “lystfiskerliv”

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