You got beatiful eyes

It is not hard, making your own shrimpeyes, and there is a lot of money to save. Putting premade eyes on a shrimpfly will cost you just under a dollar (4 danish Kroner) But if you use this technique one can easily make 200 shrimpeyes in one hour. That is 100 shrimpflies in an hour, i reckon most of us has shrimpeyes for a day or two tying shrimps.

Øjne 001

Start by cutting 8 meters of 0,38 Mono or fluorocarbon if you can handle 8 meters go a head, i like to divide it into 1 meter pieces. Now make small tippets approx 4 cm long and put them all in a bowl, jar or what ever you have in handy. A little tip. i use Fluorocarbon as it dosent burn as easy as mono.

Øjne 005

Now start by melting your 4 cm tippet in one end, use a lighter or candle, this procedure ensures the epoxy sticking to the FC tippet much better.

Øjne 003

To make the shrimpeyes black i use a produkt called (Ægte bejdse) it is a bit cheaper than the normal color you use for dyeing feathers, but that can be used aswell. just put in a small amount in your epoxy and the shrimpeyes will be black and shiny.

Øjne 004

Im using the 5 minutes Z-poxy, and im able to make approx 30 eyes before it hardens up.

Øjne 006

Now mix the epoxy and your color, and with one hand, hold you tippets that you already melted, and with the other hand dip them in the black epoxy one by one.

Øjne 007

Once dipped your tippet must dry for 5-10 minutes, i put up a piece scotch tape on the edge of a table or a counter. Of course the gluey side most be worn out so your tippets will stick to the scotch tape when pressed against it

Øjne 0008

In this picture you can see first eight eyes put up and hanged to dry. ready for number nine.

Øjne 009

For better working conditions i have made this little stand you see in the picture, it can hold shrimpeyes on both sides and approx 250 eyes in all.

reje i dag 001

Homemade shrimpeyes on a “White/sand Pig”

If you have any questions about the process i will be more than willing to answer what question you might have

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3 svar til You got beatiful eyes

  1. Bo Svarre says:

    Hi John,

    As always a very good tip from you – thanks.


  2. Use 30 min epoxy (z-poxy) to have more time to make more eyes…

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