Organizing your flytying

If you live in your own house, have a 50m2 or bigger room for your flytying gear, stop reading. And check out Frederiks nice video from northern Sweden instead.

But if you, like me live in a small apartment with no room and/or a wife with very little understanding for flytying and the space this great hobby demands. Keep reading. Today i got tired of seeing all my expensive feathers, fur, synthetics in plastic bags. So of to Ikea, my son joined me on the trip, only because he knows that you can get cheap soft ice in Ikea. Well arrived we went inside along with the fantasillions of other people who also thought that “no one is going to Ikea on a Sunday” Anyhow with Sebastian on my shoulders i was able to cut through the herd of people and arrive in the interior section. Quickly finding som plastic boxes that look right for my purpose. Through the counter and safely back home, now for the interesting part.

First a “scenic” look from Ikeas parking lot.


Then a look straight into one of my goodiebags.


I have tried to organize my hooks for themselves in Raaco boxes, theese boxes are great, you can store pretty much anything in them, turn the upside down, drop them on the floor, and the items inside will stay in their respective compartment, that if you remember to slide the locking device on the lid. One smaller Raaco is used for US tubes, bottle tubes and coneheads.


Threads, tinsel, floss, etc, etc. I have used an old fishingbox for hardbaits, this one seems to do the job, and they are quite cheap.


Plasticboxes with green lid i varyng sizes, i use the for one box with foam, another with rubber legs, one with dubbing, one with cratfur, etc. furthermore you can write on the lid with a permanent marker.


Bigger boxes with black lid (22 liters) is now filled, only containing feathers, and another one containing fur and skin.


All in all as of now, my materials ar neatly packed and everything is well divided into smaller boxes. Im not sure wether this is a great idea, but it feels more correct of storing a 900kr (170 $) Jungle cock cape in a box instead of a plastic bag. Right now im short of boxes and still have plenty of tying material on the addict that needs some Ikea loving.

And then we have John….. John is like the Gandalf the white when it comes to working with wood. Here is some pictures of how John makes his own organizing equipment, as you can see John is absolutely perfectionist in making organizers in wood as he is a great flyttyer.

træting 004

træting 005

træting 001


If any of you outthere have some great ideas or even pictures, feel free to mail them and i will put them up (with your permission) on the site so that we from tyer to tyer can help win the battle of organizing the flytying equipment.



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  1. Henrik D. Christensen says:

    I forhold til så smukt træ arbejde vil mit tip blegne noget, men vi nu alligevel give det videre:

    Jeg har meget stor glæde af kork slibe klodser (de billigste fra Harald Skrald), jeg har boret en række huller (ikke helt igennem!) med variendende bor diameter, og de fungerer super til obbevaring af værktøj. Jeg bruger dem både til “fast” opbevaring, og under binding hvor det er rart at have styr på saks, trådholdere nål etc der ikke ligger og flyder i bunkerne af fjer.


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