And the winner is :

Danish flyfisher and flytyer Bo Svarre. The correct first answer was Poul Jørgensen, the famous danish flytyer in his book Salmon flies, their character, style and dressing from 1978.
Some of you were close with answering J. D. Bates, but he wrote the introduction in Pouls book.
Congratulations to Bo who soon will receive the flies.


Make a comment under this article with your guess.

The winner of the quiz will be rewarded with a free of charge Kern Lund shrimpfly supernaturalistic tie. A pink pig tied by John Mortensen. And a Cuthroat sculpin tied by Allan Overgaard.fluer til pc 017

Win the quiz by naming the person, who wrote the text underneath.
The first who writes a comment with the correct answer will be named as winner.


Flyfishing for salmon is a tricky business  Succes or failure is almost entirely dependent upon the performance of the fly, the anglers skill in presenting it to the fish, and, of course, the mood of the salmon. 



14 svar til Quiz

  1. Bo Svarre says:

    Isaak Walton

  2. Bo Svarre says:

    Correctly spelled Izaak Walton

  3. Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton,

  4. Allan dalberg says:

    A.D livingston :-)

  5. Bo Svarre says:

    Another try :o )

    The great Dane Poul Jorgensen!

  6. mik says:

    Joseph D. Bates

  7. Svend Hansen says:

    Izaak Walton, Esquire ;-)

  8. Daniel Holm says:

    I go for Hugh Falkus

  9. Niels Ib says:

    J. D. Bates

  10. Stenne says:

    Joseph D. Bates Jr

  11. Michael Mortensen says:

    Kan ske det ku vær:
    Chris Mann and Robert Gillespie

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