Small Torpedos on rye

“Torpedo” mackerel on the fly.

- By Kristian Boserup

In the middle of summer, the classic fishing for large trouts often becomes a matter of fishing the long night hours along the coast. But if you want to enjoy the lovely summer daytime you can be easily catch lots of fish. Especially when the coast is full of tobis, the fast-swimming mackerel comes close in large groups. The torpedo-like fish from the tuna family makes it a pleasure to fish with light equipment. The mackerel hunts for small crustaceans and fish in the upper water columns and can easily be caught with your regular fly fishing equipment. You may even be lucky enough to experience big schools of fish in 1-2 meters of water. The “small torpedoes” provides a great fight, depending on the size. In other words, you can be lucky to catch the ‘big’ mackerel close to shore. Do not miss a summer in search of the small “tuna”, which sometimes sends thoughts to tropical fishing.


When summer fishing I often use a fly that imitates a small fish. My “Northstar” fish pattern is tied by craftfur on a # 8 or # 6 hook. I fish with various intakes, and even if you feel a strike, continue your intake quiet as the mackerel often strikes several times on the same prey. It is recommended to smoke your caught mackerel. They are ideal for this. It gives a nice salty taste and reminiscent of smoked mackerel from Bornholm. Throw in some herbs in the smoker and cook your mackerel in approx. 20 minutes. Bon Appetit :-)










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