Steelhead Bunny


A new video of a fly that has given Jan and me a fair share of Summer Steelheads last year.

The fly is intended to be fished in murky water when snow melts and colourizes the river. That was the exact conditions that met Jan and i in the summer 2012 going to BC on our first DIY Steelhead trip. The fly proved very reliable, and i personally got my personal best Steelhead on this fly.

The idea is to tie a small piece of plastictube in the end of the bunny strip in order to have the single hook situated at the very end of the fly, Steelheads has a slight other way of taking the fly, compared to the atlantic salmon. So after a few missed takes the first day we got on the right track and started to catch them.

The fly works perfect in the water and has a very lively action, my idea is that this fly is a KILLER for nightfishing in river Mørrum this fall. The way the searuns just tastes the fly, is somewhat simmilar to how a Steelhead takes the fly. So alternating the fly a little, using more blackish colors i guess would work like a charm. So Watch out Mørrum Searuns im gonna come back this year.

The way the line is tied to the fly is a little special, what you do is that you put the end of the leader material through the conehead section. Now with your fingers measure the distance between the conehead section and the plastictube in the buttsection.
Now fold a loop and make 2 overhand knots (also known as a  double surgeons knot) Make the loop just a little longer than the distance between the 2 tubes.


Now put the end of the loop through the plastictube in the buttsection and put on a hook.
The Owner ssw is perfect for this in my opinion, just remember to debarb the hook.

Materials used. Plastictubing, 1.5mm in front and 2,5mm in the end section. A bunnystrip, you can decide what color that works for you, i like the pink one. Marabou blood quill, some peacock flash and Rhea Feathers, ending with a conehead in orange.

A very simple and quick tied fly.

If you are having trouble figuring out how to tie the hook onto the fly. Let me know and i will make a video tutorial of how to.



3 svar til Steelhead Bunny

  1. Peter says:

    Hi Allan,

    Nice, simple fly – looks like a real killer pattern – great video!

    Pls do the “hook onto the fly”-tutorial….why not :)


  2. Madryt says:

    My brother suggested I might like this website. He was entirely right. This post truly made my day. You can not imagine simply how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

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