The GoCard measuring tool!

Allright, this one is so easy and cheap that one would think that it dosent work in flytying, because we are used to big prizing on flytying aids and materials. First time i heard about the measuring tool was Jens Lund Adamsen who mentioned it for me, but at that moment i wasent quite sure what he ment, maybe it was due to the amount of Danish beer Ale No. 16 that was main contributor to me not getting the idea. But yesterday i read an article in Flytyer magazine, where the measuring tool was pictured and all of the sudden, i saw pictures of what Adam was talking about. The tool is actually a piece of cardboard with some simple ballpen lines drawn on it. But the benefit of this little gadget is great.
Specially if you like to tie flies like Akroyd, the shrimp, good night fly, a low water fly or other patterns where the body is divided in segments of 2 or more. I guess most, if not all flytyers has tried to tie a great tag, nice butt, and and the rib is perfectly tied down and ready for winding. The body has been dubbed, Hey wait a minute, one of the body segments is way to long compared to the other one, the fly will off course still catch fish but if you like me, will deselect this particular fly until it is the last one left, then you are better of measuring your fly shank with the GoCard measuring tool.

How to make your own GOCard measuring tool.

First you will have to go to a fancy cafe in denmark, because here all off them has a rack with free postcard with all kinds of commercials an quotations on them, grap a couple (the are free of charge) and hurry home. Find a ball pen and a protractor, a protractor is that little plastic thing we all used in elementary school to measure angles.


Now draw a straight line on the postcard, use your protractor to measure your preferred angle. For smaller flies an angle at 15- 20 degrees will work out fine, on this picture i have used 20 degrees, and made a horizontal line at 2 cm wide.


How to use your GoCard measuring tool.

Put the hook in your vise and wind your tying thread from the hook eye and downwards to you first tie in point.


Then put up your card behind your hook and adjust it up or down until the two outer legs are situated just behind the hook eye and the other one at the same point as your first tie in point, now the middle line that you started out with when made the tool marks the middle of the hook shank, and where your fly should be divided in segments.


Use a fine marker in an opposite color of the tying thread and make a small mark with it, visualizing where you should change dubbing, tie in a hackle or simply change your material.


Now i have chosen to dub my fly with red dub to make some contrast.



Then a green dubbing and the body is finished, remember that if you want a fly with little or bigger head you can make room for it when measuring your fly, just remember the point where your dub should end and head should start.


I dont think it will get any easier than this.



Et svar til The GoCard measuring tool!

  1. john "lakse" hansen says:

    Ha Ha, yes thats a very interesting way to do it, and so simple you wont believe it at first. even if your sober. i´m going to use it in the future,thank´s

    Ps: Refsvindinge “Ale no 16″ is a jolly good beer, just remember to drink responsibly

    tight lines John

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