Toystory or flytying ?

Nowadays, it seems like manufactures of flytying materials will do just about anything for the flytyer, NOT to tie flies. Today, everything  can be put together with superglue or clicked in each other with fittings suitable for a spacewalk.

Companies like Pro tube, Json Sweden, easy eyes, all produces material that are supposed to help us in fly tying. I really like them. Because for me almost 100% of my flies has one purpose, catching fish. and if it is easy, quick or quicker than the original, better suited for fishing, more durable, and less expensive, im game. I dont care if the right amount of some kind of exotic feather is used, if i have an alternate material that does the job better? Go ahead.

Here is a picture of 2 stones tied using Json sweden kits.
I think they look quite Ok.



So what is all the fuzz about? Some people tend to think that tying like this is not flytying, they think it is like putting lego together. But im really having a hard time to figure out why i should use 5-7 hours on a realistic stonefly pattern when i can get a result that looks like a live one in 10-15 minutes, beeing durable for fishing, and i wont cry my eyes out if i was to set the fly firmly on the opposite bank of the stream. So why do i meet this prejudice against these products ? Or what is the difference in tying in a goose biots as tail on a nymph, than tying in rubberlegs on a shrimp pattern? it takes pretty much the same amount of time, pretty much the same amount of wraps to secure, where lies the difference?
For my part i think it has something to do with tradition in flytying, older guys i know thinks that their kind of tying is much more fine and exquisite, using fine rare, and expensive feathers. But why? are you a better tyer if you use only feathers? in my opinion you are much more versatile if you can utilize all kinds of material, making you a complete tyer.
On the other hand i too like to tie with feathers, it has become a new hobby, i like reading the books by great tiers and trying to copy their great patterns.  with the correct materials. Its a true pleasure showing your own creation to one of your tying buddies that you know is a great tier and he gives you credit for a nice tied fly, proportions and tying points. And still you can play with the materials, without getting too stock in traditions. The next fly, The Green Hornet tied originally by Dave Tucker. Well i thought it needed a Mash up with my poor knowledge of a Dee fly. As far as i have come on the internet, Dave ties the Hornet with Chenille as the first part of the body, making it very big and clumpsy looking, almost like a hornets backside, i guess thats why he called it The Green Hornet. Playing with the materials i came up with a more white and split wing, instead of the chenille i have used seals fur on the back half of body.



So the question is, if you are just into tying quick and easy, with not much focus on the materials used, why not just buy your flies from the local shop? Well during the years of Seatrout fishing along the danish coastline i started out with normal patterns that has been and still catches lots of trouts, but today im much more into tying flies suited for a specific situation, Eg. last year when Frederik and i fished at Moen, the trouts did not want anything thus we tried and tried, at last Frederik tied on a small gammarus with a ribbed foam back, this particular fly was the right medicine, it presented itself just underneath the surface dangling and dancing in the water, and the trouts would pick it up every time, if we tried to retreive it, they neglected it. Since i have had a couple of those in my box and they can be very succesful in conditions when the trouts are zoomed in on gammarus near the surface. This part is for me the very fun part in tying flies, thinking the pattern in your mind, pros and cons on the materials to use, then sitting down at the vise and making a fly for that special occasion when everything is just right, that is for me flyfishing and flytying.



2 svar til Toystory or flytying ?

  1. mik says:

    I’m a big fan of “making it easy” I tie a lot of flies, and I apreciate greatly new materials and techinques that makes my flies faster and easyer tied, and maybe even more durable… thumbs up to the “LEGOFLIES” :-)


  2. Frederik L says:

    Allan knows my opinion, but here it goes… if I want my flies fast and easy I will buy them. I love the idea of you creating something yourself, not just putting something together that others made look like something. But maybe i will change my mind one day if Allan catch lots of fish on his perfect imitation and i don´t! until that day i will take a bunch of weird materials and tie them together so that it looks like something totally different.

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